Mission of Burma – Not a Photograph DVD

Received a copy of the new Mission of Burma DVD Not a Photograph over the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to the cool cool folks at MVD.

When Mission of Burma reunited for the 2002 shows in Boston and New York, I attended. I had never seen the band live (like most folks – the number of live shows they played in the early 80s was minimal). They were one of those early 80s hardcore rock arty noise bands that was on the periphery of my listening then, and I’m not sure they ever toured to Chicago during that time when I was seeing shows. So they always remained a mystery to me. Seeing them at the Irivng Plaza shows changed a lot of that.

This DVD covers that time frame when the band was getting it all together to play these well-received shows, and it’s got viewpoints on it all from three grown men who were still trying to make sense of it all. Especially drummer Peter Prescott, who marvels at the incredible second chance the band has gotten. All three band members credit Michael Azerrad and his book “Our Band Could Be Your Life” as a key catalyst in getting Burma into the public eye again. Michael himself is seen in the film, backstage at Irving Plaza reminsicing with bandmembers and their wives(?).

Great performances of This is Not a Photograph, Academy Fight Song, Fun World and more. Definitely worth seeking out.

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