Movie Reviews!!

Inside Man

I?ve seen a lot of near-perfect heist movies. It wore on me; WHAT WERE THEY MISSING??? What was that key ingredient? The answer came this afternoon via an impulsive viewing of Spike Lee?s Inside Man. To push a perfectly good heist movie into realm of greatness, the nagging void need only to be filled with racial ambulance chasing, namely of the awkward afterthought variety. Four stars.

Stay Alive

After failing to commit enough ghetto violence while playing a video game, teens DIE IN REAL LIFE!

Failure To Launch

Matthew McConaughay?s character rents Crash, and is so devastated by its poignancy that he is subsequently unable to find work.

The Shaggy Dog

Tim Allen plays a dog that has been trained to bite minorities.

Neil Young: Heart of Gold

During an intimate live performance, an audience member yells “Cracker Hillbilly!!” at Young, thus driving the rock legend to “ok” the reissue of Landing on Water.

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