Music, Wherefore Art Thou?

Ann Powers of the LA Times talks to various music-related bloggers and websites to try to understand the changing landscape of music in 2006-2007. No quotes from Brooklyn Vegan, though; sheesh, we gotta get that guy a PR agent. Tasty morsels below. (via Music Press Report)

“Today, it’s hard to know when buzz is more than just noise. In an age of accelerated connection, the buzz around every art form has intensified, but nowhere as much as in music. The growing ease of music-making and distribution resulted in 60,000 releases (that’s in the U.S. alone) last year. Downloadable music multiplies that number like bunnies in spring. And pop’s historical embrace of novelty and amateurism means that few heavy gates stop the flow.”

“What is in flux is that imaginary portal where an artist makes the leap into public consciousness. There, where perception and reality don’t quite match, time and space themselves are being messed with. In some cases, the very ground where music once emerged has been abandoned.

“You don’t have to go to a record store or go out on a Tuesday night to see an opening band to get in on things,” said Scott Plagenhoef, managing editor of Chicago-based, the indie-rock-leaning website that’s often cited as a source of today’s groundswells. “And we’re not part of the music industry. The industry knows a couple of months in advance what print magazines will put on the cover. I don’t think anybody knows what we’re making our lead review the next day.”

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