My First MySpace Cut Up

At the beginning of 2005, shortly after creating a MySpace profile, I was debating whether or not Tom, everyone’s first MySpace buddy, was a real person (as opposed to a spambot or collective of MySpace operators). Feeling that a MySpace message was in order, I sent this:

Hey man…

I’m going to be passing through Santa Monica soon, and was wondering if I could stay with you. It’s just for about six, seven weeks. Eight tops. Aside from my very sick cat, I’m coming alone. I don’t have much cash, but I do carry a Diner’s Club card, so maybe I can buy you dinner at a cafeteria or something…but don’t push it. See you soon.

-Andrew Earles

…and this was his response (grammatical errors left intact)

Sorry to hear about your cat, Andrew. I had a sick pussy once. She caught some sort of rash from a mite or flea or something. I will gladly accept a brunch if you stay over; but If you are coming this week, I can’t have you as a guest more than a day or two because I am going to LA for a free Manicure from Kennedy Salon and Day spa(It’s the same one that Arnold Uses!!) I cut them a deal on an ad on my site so they are hooking it up. Say I hear you are in to the Music sceen a bit, I think I have come across one or two of your articles before in Chunklet. I heard the Flock of Seagulls is accually playin at a dive in your town in May. I can’t miss that. IF you let me stay over with you for that show you can definatly stay with me. Hit up my cell and tell me when you plan to come–. (909) ***-****

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