My most recent The World Is Losing Its Mind moments…

Number One

Scrolling through my On Demand choices at midnight, or one in the morning, or nearby, I was unsurprisingly drawn to waste money on Dan Ackroyd: Unplugged on UFO’s. An earnest ambassador to the growing number of paranormal fanatics (I really could be one of these, one day), Ackroyd allows (or maybe WANTED) himself to be interviewed for the entirety of this film, which is your standard-issue UFO documentary accented with recent footage and a sweating, chain-smoking Dan Ackroyd. You, and you, and you, and you, and you….must see it.

Number Two

A publicist sent me the new Alice Donut album in the mail. I haven’t listened to it yet. The simple act, and existence of the album, are the reasons you’ve just read these three sentences.

Number Three

I watched Freedomland. On Demand. I demanded it. The part(s) are there, sort of. Richard Price: Novel and screenplay. Add in some good Wire actors. Now run away. Go read Klosterman’s last word on Snakes On A Plane (in Esquire) instead. Good stuff. Despite this (Freedomland) being the worst movie I’ve seen this year, the qualities that make it so are not worthy of attention.

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