My Top 10 Obscure LPs – Part 1

I’m a little bored and angry lately with a lot of current things that I’ve taken to retreating to the past for comfort, safety, nostalgia (the macaroni and cheese effect)…

I’ve got a load of LPs in my NYC apt. and since they are all stacked vertically, (with only the spine showing), sometimes I forget what they look like or what they even are…so I’ve dug through my collection recently, and unearthed some cool obscure LPs I thought I’d share with you Waved Readers. (Then again, what’s ‘obscure’ anymore, when all these old bands appear on MySpace – see below). Some you can likely find online in CD form, others I don’t know…We’ll go alphabetically, one a week…

The Atlantics – Big City Rock

Without going into too much bio info – you can find that in the articles below – I really liked this tough Boston’s band debut Big City Rock. Admittedly, it was a new wave release by a major label (ABC) to capitalize on punk, but the songs shone through nonetheless. Songs like “One Last Night” “When You’re Young” and “Teenage Flu” all still sound great, with gritty guitars, cool throaty vocals and pop song brevity (of which I’ve always been a fan). Download a track here.

The Atlantics – When You’re Young

Here’s a 1976 article on the band from The Harvard Independent. Here’s a Trouser Press entry on The Atlantics.

Little Hits wrote about the Atlantics in January of 2006.

And rock and roll never dies anymore – it just keeps keepin’ on – the band is putting out a new LP of old tracks next month – Check the Atlantics’ MySpace page for more.

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