My Word on Fish-In-A-Barrel Comedy 1.0

Mike Epps is Really Drunk!!

Don?t miss Mike Epps? new HOUR LONG stand-up special on HBO, especially if you?re a big fan of 1996 as a TV reference point. Not exactly alien territory to black comedians, Epps takes the standard There?s-Some-Crazy-Shit-On-TV angle to a half-moldy level. For his Cops bit, Epps? straight-faced rendition of the show?s theme precedes a ninth rate Michael Winslow-style random segment impersonation. I haven?t heard a lot of Robert Stack impersonations (though I?m always game), but Epps? comes nowhere close when tackling Unsolved Mysteries. Something along the lines of “dat show scares the shit out of me.” Hmmm….I thought that black people LOVED horror movies. He makes up for EVERYTHING with a dead on Montel Williams bit, but gives the talk show host credit for the elbow-to-knee position when it rightfully goes to Phil Donahue. Epps? oddly traditional hour of Street Cornah Shit Slingin? is clumsily offset by a stretch of political humor that climaxes with the year?s worst Bush joke (?Bitch better have my oil!!!?). I?m attracted to the earnest nature of this special, I really am, no gags, a lot of (obviously) chemically-induced rambling/garbling, it almost harks back to someone failing to rip off Richard Pryor a few years after Pryor left the game, I?d say, 1988 ? 1990.

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