MySpace Moguls

“It’s nice to have a billionaire sugar daddy to help you build the world’s fastest-growing Web site. It’s even nicer to earn a really great living doing what most guys do for fun. Out of their personal passion for the music scene in Los Angeles, where they live, Anderson, 30, and DeWolfe, 40, created an Internet site to promote local acts and connect fans and friends … who connected friends … who connected friends … until, by last summer, 20 million people had joined MySpace. The two had a friendship based on business, then they – quite literally – founded a business based on friendship. And when Rupert Murdoch paid $580 million for MySpace’s parent company, Anderson and DeWolfe – though reluctant to do the deal – each made millions.”

FORTUNE profiles MySpace, its founders and the cool things they get to do all day (just like you!) but with one big difference – Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe get paid WAY more than you do. Life’s a bitch sometimes.

photo by Sarah Freidman

Why do these guys above look like a twisted version of these guys below?

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