MySpace update

“IN THE LAST YEAR, MYSPACE has grown faster than Yahoo, Google, or any of the other of the Web’s top brands, according to new data by Nielsen//NetRatings. MySpace last month drew 46 million unique users, up 183 percent from 16.2 million in July of 2005, according to media measurement company Nielsen//NetRatings. Google, by contrast, grew to 94 million users, up 23 percent from 76.1 million last year. Yahoo drew 106.2 million users, but that marked only an 8 percent increase from last year’s 98.5 million.”

“It has more than tripled in size under News Corp’s ownership, without the company having to do any marketing. The members do that for it. The more people online, the more their friends are attracted to join. And, with MySpace the undeniable leader in the giant US market at least, a web-surfer looking to meet new friends is likely to be attracted to the biggest community. This “network effect” shows no sign of slowing.”

MySpace continues to shock and awe people with its immense growth.

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