New CDs – The New Cars, Cheap Trick

New CDs out this week from the Ric Ocasek-non-approved The New Cars and Rockford, Illinois’ favorite rock band Cheap Trick.

The New Cars get points off JUST for appropriating the Ramones’ “It’s Alive” title for their live CD by the same name. On the other hand, I’m just amazed that Ocasek replacement Todd Rundgren (60 years plus??) is able to hit the high notes on the Cars classic songs. Take a listen to their version of “Just What I Needed” – it’s got all the bounce, spunk and fun of the original. Other than that, it’s completely inconsequential. The New Cars come to Jones Beach Friday night.

Cheap Trick, meanwhile, with all its original members intact and performing, is getting good reviews for its new CD Rockford. That doesn’t surprise me, as they are a live, working, engaged rock band. And they’ve been playing together as a foursome since 1973! Listen to “Perfect Stranger” at their MySpace site – a decent rocker. You can stream their new CD at VH1.

I’d like to see them live at the Liberty Jam, but probably not at $45 and change.

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