New Order’s “Ceremony” was enough…..

Not that I would come within four hundred feet of Marie Antoinette, but after seeing the preview (the movie opened this past Friday, and I love to review movies based on previews…it seems like a fair way to go out), the jury returned with its verdict on Sofia Coppola.

The Virgin Suicides was interesting, though simply “there.” Lost In Translation progressively sours for me as the days go on. It was a gutless mood piece, an abuse of subtlety, and I don’t like it when films give subtlety a bad name. It didn’t have the balls to go in any direction; to go the distance, and by that, I do not mean to suggest that an old man needed to break the physical barrier with a young girl. I mean to suggest that the movie could have benefited from actually BEING SOMETHING other than a “cool” soundtrack to a LOOK HOW DIFFERENT JAPAN IS!!! exercise.

This Slate piece wants to give her the business. You can feel it. Too bad there’s a lot of point/counterpoint, and the unfortunate, no, let me put that another way, the FUCKING LAUGHABLE claim that Sofia Coppola has “impeccable taste in music.” Her soundtracks are amateur hours; easy tickets to Progressive Ears 101. The long term impact of every boring dickhead on the planet becoming an INSTANT JESUS AND MARY CHAIN/MY BLOODY VALENTINE FAN JUST – ADD THIS OST is something that I don’t think about all that often, but it is something that appears to have happened back in the oh four. What will the new one do? Let’s take a look:

“Natural’s Not In It”
Written by Dave Allen, Hugo Burnham, Andy Gill & Jon King
Performed by Gang of Four
Courtesy of Warner Music Group & EMI Records

Wow, ok, look who’s thumb is on the pulse of nothing.

“The Melody Of A Fallen Tree”
Written by Jason McNeely and Dan Matz
Performed by Windsor for the Derby
Courtesy of Secretly Canadian & Zync Music Inc.

Just when I was starting to miss the post-good movement.

“Jynweythek Ylow”
Written by Richard D. James
Performed by Aphex Twin
Courtesy of Warner Music Group, Warp Records & Sire Records


“1st Menuet Pour Les Guirries et les Amazones, 2nd Menuet”
Written by Jean-Philippe Rameau
Conducted by William Christie
Performed by Les Arts Florissants
Courtesy of Harmonia Mundi France (P) 1991

Eh, who gives a fuck?

“Il Secondo Giorno Instrumental”
Written by Jean-Beno

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