New Yo La Tengo

NOW! Grab the MP3 of the lead-off track “Pass the Hatchet, I think I’m Goodkind” from the new Yo La Tengo LP “I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass.” You will not be sorry.

It’s a corker instrumental for about the first 3-4 minutes, with oozes of dancey good vibe happening, a rock solid bass-drum lockdown, and globs of glamorously gnarly guitar (which Ira Kaplan continues later in the song) then the vocals kick in with a spacey, psychedelic air….all in all, sounding fresh, freaky and fantastic. The entire song is 10:46 minutes – What a track! (via Travelers Diagram.)

There’s also another tune and an interview for viewing at the band’s Matador page.

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