New York Dolls at the Seaport

The New York Dolls put on an excellent, fun, energetic show on Friday night. The band was tight, the new songs meshed good with the classic songs and singer/harpist David Johansen looks fantastic, belting out all of ’em with equal sass and panache.

The Seaport was packed. I couldn’t really get up front, so I moved over to the side and took a few shots of Doll butts. Apologies for my crappy pix – WAY better ones can be seen at Heartonastick’s Flickr page.

Dolls’ guitar slinger Sylvain Sylvain played great and was totally stoked to be there. He said he was 59 years old! Did it show? There was a bit of a lull in the middle with the new material, but the end was great, with the crowd being treated to rock classics like “Trash”, “Jet Boy” and “Who Are the Mystery Girls”. The extended guitar solo from Sylvain and 2nd guitarist Steve Conti during “Jet Boy” was particularly fantastic.

The only weird vibe I felt was David Johansen addressing the crowd with “Hey, New York!” as *if* he were from somewhere else – his declarations sounded curiously distant for a band whose legacy was built upon the very streets we tread on.

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