No Loitering!

“Perhaps one day I’ll walk into the record store, pick upa copy of MAGNET and discover that Andrew Earles’ narcissistic piss-fest Where’s The Street Team? has at least been pulled from its pages. On that day, I’ll resubscribe. The problem isn’t whether I agree with what Earles has to say. Nor do I believe that any musicians need to defend themselves. The problem is that Earles’ column is independent music journalism’s answer to “A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney.” No matter how much you may agree with what they say, they are still extremely irritating. I’ve noticed your letters page continues to be filled with complaints and praise for Earles. Perhaps you consider any response to be positive evidence that people are paying attention. Clearly, writing to your mailbag has no effect. Hopefully, if enough people stop subscribing, something will done to rid of this weated page of vitriolic shite.”

Jean-Pierre Baudhuin
Minneapolis, MN

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