Obscure LP of the Week – Part 2

Time for the next segment in my sort-of weekly feature in highlighting an obscure LP from my record collection – see part 1 here.

The spotlight in Part 2 is on Australian rockers The Angels (aka Angel City for US audiences). The LP in question is their US debut on Epic (a comp of two earlier Aussie releases) called Face to Face (still available on CD).

These songs are cool, touch and rockin’. Someone commented on the Amazon CD page that the band was “…A sort of new-waveish, more melodic version of AC/DC.” That’s about right. The LP stands up to repeated listenings – works best after a few beers and a little aggression. Like being in an Aussie pub around rugby playoff time. The opening track “Take a Long Line” sets the tone for the rest of the LP – sharp, taut hard rock. Have a listen below.

Angel City – Take a Long Line

(sing along!)

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