oh the embarrassment, oh the despair

Currently I’m having file manager problems with my domain, which is preventing me from uploading the next batch of MP3s. Soon, hopefully.

In the meantime, I’m surprised but pleased to offer this photo that Bill recently sent me:

Johnny DA & the Rockabilly Hamsters, spring 1984

This is the show I wrote about for ruinedmusic.com. It’s a grainy photo, but that’s Don (aka Johnny DA) on the left, and me on the right with the thick hair and borrowed leather jacket. We worked up a cover of “C’mon Everybody” in which Don sang and played lead guitar and I played rhythm. I don’t think this is the actual performance, since Don’s not actually strumming. Maybe it’s backstage before we played.

Not pictured: drummer Rich. This is entirely appropriate, as we didn’t actually practice with his full drumkit prior to the show.

Callie asked me why we played acoustic guitars. The honest truth is I have no idea. There’s lots of acoustic guitar in rockabilly, plus I only had an acoustic at the time – the same one I play now, in fact. Maybe Don just didn’t have a spare electric guitar and amp to lend me.

What strikes me the most about this photo is how clueless I look. I had absolutely no idea that in a matter of minutes, we’d hit the Gong Show stage, find ourselves unable to get through the first verse, and ultimately get the only gong of the night. It was such a total Freaks and Geeks moment. I’m amazed photographic evidence has surfaced.

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