Opening Lines

Largehearted Boy links to The Onion’s AV club feature on Tom Petty’s best song opening lines. Nice piece. But let’s expand it a bit.

Best Paul Westerberg/Replacements opening lines: (at this very moment…)
1) Customer – “I’m in love with the girl who works at the store where I’m nothing but a…Customer!” (You think that’s not impressive? Well, watch the f—–! clip!)
2) Color Me Impressed – “Everybody at your party, They all look depressed…”
3) Sadly Beautiful – “From the very first day that you were born…”

Best Robert Pollard solo opening lines: (at this very moment…)
1) Chance to Buy an Island – “Chance to buy an island- I’ll sell it to you.”
2) Make Use – “A bold night for my new rock shirt…”
3) Dayton Ohio 19 Something and 5 – “Isn’t it great to exist at this point in time?”

I’d do more now but I need to get out in the heat to sweat off some fat. Throw your top three of your fave songwriter in the comments….

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