Opening Night

Last night, the opening was great! We had a huge crowd and lots of fun.

Me, Laurie and Dave- they do all the work around here.

The elusive Renee French!

Superstars: Souther Salazar and Saelee Oh

Sam Henderson will destroy us all with his super-powers of funny.


Is that dude picking his nose?

Jaime Torres, the man who framed most of the show.

i can see through your head! (D.J. Algonquin at work)

Gin’s got two bitches (Katie, Gin Stevens and me)

Don’t look into his eyes! (Levon Jihanian)

The Gallery Director, David Jones

Dance for me!

Lotsa people

F.C. Brandt

If you think this is creepy, you should see his paintings. (Billy Reynolds)

I like your drawrings! I like your drawrings, too! Let’s be friends! (Levon Jihanian and Billy Reynolds)

He’s the D.J., I’m the Rapper. (D.J. Algonquin and Gin Stevens)

I don’t know ’bout this art stuff.

Me and Miss Kathleen Lolley- she brought lotsa bourbon!

By the end of the night, the fabric of the universe became unstable… or maybe it was the bourbon.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a fun night! Thanks to all the artists for their amazing work. Thanks to D.J. Algonquin for playing lots of great music from the ’20s! And thanks to Dave, Laurie, Katie and Susan for helping us put the show together!

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