parent just doesn’t understand

How old do you have to get before your parents stop driving you crazy? I’m pushing 40 and it hasn’t happened yet. They give birth to you, they raise you, they love and look out for you…and yet sometimes they still infuriate you.

I’ve just come off the phone, fighting with my mom on the phone when I should have been working. She was supposed to come visit this weekend; the plane was cancelled; the only other flight would have had her stuck in DC for 12 hours; she told me she could get a refund; therefore I suggested that maybe we should do this during my summer vacation. I wouldn’t have said that if I thought I would make her “lose $600 on this trip,” as she has just called and told me. I guess Priceline’s now saying that they provided her an alternate flight, but come on now – if your only alternative is a flight that would leave you in DC for half a day and drop you off in St. Louis in the middle of the night, that’s no alternate at all.

It’s the suggestion that I cost her $600 that’s really rattling me. I’ve always been sensitive about two things: 1) money and 2) people telling me I’m inconveniencing or otherwise making things difficult for them. So you can understand, perhaps, why my hands have been shaking for the past 20 minutes. I was put in a position this morning where I had to help make a decision, and I made that decision based on the information I was given. Now I’m getting a guilt trip about it. You can understand why I’d feel rattled.

It just seems like logistics are always difficult with my mom and brother, especially when it comes to traveling. How I became such a flexible, self-sufficient traveler I’ll never know, because it sure isn’t genetic.

Deep breath. Back to work.

Update: Priceline has apparently given Mom a break, and she’s coming in tomorrow. Which is nice, but doesn’t negate my theory that everything’s difficult when it comes to my family and travel plans.

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