Peaches vs. Ms. Peachez

Finally! Here?s an antidote to the questionable entertainment peddled by the turned-out, tattered party mom figure to a generation of simpleminded hipsters in their early 20?s. Still riding the seemingly endless trend of looking like 80?s gym trash, Peaches prides herself with a ham-fisted nastiness and ?emboldened? sexuality that clashes mightily with her stringy, late-30?s physical harshness that can best be described as resembling five miles of bad road. for now, give me this one…..

? what is probably my last TAKE-A-LOOK-AT-THIS-WACKY-YOUTUBE-CLIP!!! entry, therefore I am allowed to ask….

Just what in the hell is going on HERE?!?!?!

…or HERE?!?!?!

Ms. Peachez’ other YouTube appearances are worthy of perusal. Do check them out.

I must applaud this endeavor. Please devour. The Laff Records story is my oldest magazine piece/book idea, and perhaps the one that was afforded the smallest amount of concrete work over the past 9 years. Somebody should do that!!!

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