Phil Ochs Tribute, Sunday night in Brooklyn

Never mind the moribund Ochs tributes. Occasional Monk Mike Fornatale and pals send Phil’s songs out into the ether in a spirit of glee:

Come see us play! Raucous Phil Ochs tribute show!

We will be bashing our way [tenderly] through a brace of our favorite Phil
Ochs songs on the 30th anniversary of his death, April 9 (Sunday) at 8PM.


We’ve been to Phil Ochs tribute shows in the past. (OK, if you haven’t, then
just play along.) They tend to be a bit morose. Even dire, sometimes.

Yes, the guy wrote some pretty depressing songs, fair enough. And people who
play these songs at tribute shows tend to dwell on the sad, hopeless aspects
of them — compounded by the unavoidable fact that, after all, THE GUY KILLED
HIMSELF after his muse melted away.

But to us, Phil’s music isn’t about depression, it’s about redemption.
Besides — you know us, we don’t do “morose.” We’re raising the bar. 😉

In fact, we’re going to raise the entire bar (Magnetic Field, Brooklyn —
where else?) about ten feet in the air, on Sunday April 9, at 8PM, with a
somewhat cheery and rollicking set of Phil Ochs songs played as only we would
them — and go ahead and read into that whatever you like.

So come, if you’re a fan. Come if you’re NOT a fan — you will be by the time
we’re done with you. And get there on time, dammit, you do not want to miss
the accordion solo. Or the red white and blue Buck Owens guitar, or the orange
Burns 12-string — that’s right, orange. If that’s not worth your time then I
don’t know what is.

Who? Peter Stuart — bass, acoustic and electric guitars, echoplex, singing,
Ben Franklin glasses. Mike Fornatale — acoustic, electric and 12-string
guitars, banjo, singing, accordion (maybe) and soulless yuppie accountant
Wendy Fornatale — keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, no singing, and
she’ll probably be wearing contacts. Mike Sinocchi (of The Insomniacs) making
his first fill-in appearance with us — drums, no singing, no glasses, and
really cool hair. And Mike O’Neill (whom I haven’t even met yet — hope he
comes to
rehearsal tomorrow) on occasional bass. I don’t know if he wears glasses or
not, but I’ll let you know soon.

Magnetic Field
97 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201

So we’ll see you there, yes?

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