Pop Song Tragedies….Part One

Bob Welch “Lose Your…”
Bob Welch was a pop song machine. His hit rate (not in the chart context) with Fleetwood Mac was bulletproof, and when the solo career called, French Kiss delivered. Not only are the hits (the re-do of his Mac period “Sentimental Lady” and “Ebony Eyes”) bulletproof, but this song teases with an earth-shattering hook and then FADES OUT AFTER 45 SECONDS!!! To you Bob Welch, I extend a middle digit on both hands and proclaim, “Keep ‘Em Flying.”

The Verlaines “Death and the Maiden”

I’ve played this song many times for newbies, and the reaction is the same: Vocal love and total assault (“WHERE CAN I FIND THIS?!?!?!?!”). This happens because I often cut it before the song lapses into the merry-go-round bullshit. A death march within a great pop song if there ever was one.

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