Punks and Posers in China

“”Most bands are into punk because it’s fashionable. They are more like copy bands, cover bands that copy the lifestyle. Punk rock should be more dangerous, more deep. You should establish your own style,” said Yang, the lead singer of P.K. 14, which has a sizable following and performed Saturday night at a bar in Beijing’s Wudaokou district.

“We want to be a dangerous band, like Fugazi or The Clash or Bob Dylan. Woody Guthrie’s folk music influenced me a lot,” Yang said. “But because the government doesn’t care about us, we are not forbidden from playing. Maybe we are not dangerous. It’s sad.”

In the West, punk rock is about annoying your parents and confronting the establishment at every turn. In theory, it’s the same in China.”

Punk rock is rockin’ in the China underground, writes the WashPost’s Maureen Fan. No surprises there. Whenever there’s a strong underground happening, the loud and unruly tends to dominate.

But what I really want to know is….is this man seen in flagrante behind the uprising?

(Found at Buttermilk & Molasses)

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