Raconteurs NYC show

Man, I hoped to post a review of the Raconteurs Friday night show over the weekend, but had PC troubles at home after installing a Firewire PCI Card. Knocked out any kind of browser fun all weekend.

photo by amauriaguiar

Big thanks to a friendly angel who snared a ticket for me to the sold-out Raconteurs show. Got in near the end of the set by The Muldoons, who sounded pretty muddy back by the bar, but I’m all for pre-teens whose dad has ’em rock out with him. God bless Jack White for bringing’ ’em along to this show.

The Raconteurs’ show rocked short and sweet – *maybe* a 50 minute set, with a cool backdrop of a swirly R, great lights and magnetic presence in the form of Jack White. Without Jack, it might not have been as exciting. No doubt that Raconteurs FOJ and co-frontman Brendan Benson is a great musician, singer and songwriter, but frankly, he’s a little dull to watch – but Jack just blows it up. Something about the way he rocks his guitar, sings and shakes his hair. It was great.

The songs are there too – “Broken Boy Soldiers”, aka “the green light song”, is just a blast of punk/bluesy 1970s rock. The single “Steady, As She Goes” sounded somewhat muted compared to the rest of the songs, which mined a thick archive of fast, hard-rockin’ songs, with exciting dual lead guitars from Brendan and Jack. The Greenhorne guys (Patrick Keeler, Jack Lawrence) rocked the rhythm section mightily as well. It was fun to watch Jack and Brendan play off the drummer alot.

The crowd seemed to love it – most who I spoke to afterwards liked it alot. I hope they play more shows – their site shows only an August Lollapalooza show scheduled. Hard to tell if it will become a bigger deal or just a one-off project.

See some awesome show pics by cool people here.

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