Recording Quandary

Yikes! It’s mid-October, and I’m in a bit of a technological jam. Maybe you Whizz Kids can help me out.

Since January, I’ve been recording my original songs and my rock covers on a Fostex 8 track and mixing on the free ProTools for Windows ME. Everything has been OK since year start.

Well, last weekend, my Windows ME PC crashed and burned, and I was forced to sink some money into a new PC. Without thinking too deeply about my PC recording-related needs, I went out and got a box running Windows XP. It’s fine and everything, but now I realize I can’t run my free Protools on XP (it’s only for Win98 and WinME). So I’m hunting for some variations on the game – Is there any (hopefully free?) software I can use to mix my music tracks on an XP platform? I’ve already downloaded Acid (though that looks dancey?) and I’m trying to see if Audacity can do it (though it looks mor esuited for podcasts, rather than full music compositions.

Do any of you loyal readers have any thoughts about which direction I might want to take in the confusion? Comments welcome.

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