REM: File under Unending

Shallow Rewards’ Chris Ott posts a fine, fine blog entry on an REM ultra-collectible – their first demo cassette sent out to clubs and such – going for the princely sum of….only $335.00???

Why such a low sum? Chris sez it’s cuz they never broke up!
“You can never return to the place where you started and know it for the first time if you never leave, so the act of listening to R.E.M. when they’re still around is tainted by what they are still trying to represent. You can’t remember R.E.M. circa ’83 or ’87 or ’92 because of R.E.M. 2006. You can’t remember the band fondly, because they still exist: you can only remember the time period, and wonder, “What’s with the eye makeup these days, Mike?”

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