REM – (R)ockin’ (E)nergy (M)otion??

“We’ll start rehearsals probably some time in the next month or two,” Mills tells “I think [guitarist] Peter [Buck] and I probably both have a tone of stuff, but we haven’t sat down and played it for each other yet. I don’t think in terms of directions, but I think this next record might have a little more rock to it. I like ‘Around the Sun,” but I think, honestly, it turned out a little slower than we intended for it to, just in terms of the overall speed of songs.”

REM wants to kick it up a notch for the next one. Can they? SHOULD they? Don’t we all expect REM songs by now to be this mild-mannered adult tempo now? To hear them pull a higher BPM would just be so….inappropriate!

Even way back when, REM didn’t play especially fast or rockin’ – they had their moments (Harborcoat, Windout, et al) but it was all pretty mid-tempo even in 1984. And that’s what you’ll hear on the new CD/DVD set of the IRS Years “And I Feel Fine”.

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