Rock Band Logos

Cool! A new band out of Chicago – V Sparks – with an old-school ’70s-flavored rock band logo! And a crunchy Glam Rock sound to boot. Sweet!

Which leads me to a post wondering… why bands don’t do logos anymore?

Or do they, and I’m just missin’ them? The hayday of the 1970s dinosaur bands gave us Boston, Kiss, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, UFO and countless others (see below). Others have written similarly on this.

The first wave of punk killed a lot of band ‘excesses’, and logos could conceivably fit under that ‘excess’ banner. But even then, the hardcore scene revisted logos with great success (Husker Du, DKs and Black Flag et al).

But I don’t recall logos being important through the grunge era, or the slacker indie 90s era. Heck, even GBV (led by 70s rocker fan Bob Pollard) never really had one cool logo.

And today? I see the Killers logo, and my pals in Strikes Again! just put together a Husker Du-influenced logo as well. And there’s the Polyphonic Spree logo, but that seems to me just a derivation of the Keep on Truckin’ lettering. Just like the Brooklyn Vegan logo, too.

Any thoughts? What about the emo scene? Any cool logos there? Can you make the word “Thursday” look awesome? Tell me in the comments.

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