Rock Clip of the Week

Please, please tell me now… Is There Something I Should Know about 100 Records posting his secret crush on Simon La Doobie and the boys and yet, totally redeeming himself by spreading the wealth with six (count ’em, 6!) mp3s to pluck?

Turth or Dare? Ok, Truth. I saw the Durannies live in 1982 open for Blondie in Rockford, IL (get that, bitch!). Yes, my pal Rick and I saw the Duranskis, then got backstage to talk to them. At the time, Rick was playing drums in a local blues band, but wanted to move to London, and he was snagging down with Roger Taylor, the Durannies drummer, to get his input on drumming opportunities in London for a middle america blues drummer. Crazy Rick. Me? I think I was either skimming beers from their post-gig stash or trying to hang out with Simon and John to get their cast-offs. Ya know wot I mean, winka winka?

Man, I wish we had blogs in 1982…

In any case, here’s this week’s Rock Clip of the Week. Duran Duran cracking out a splendid “Planet Earth” from 1982 from some Norwegian (Icelandic?) TV show. Brilliant.

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