September 16th will be here fast…

I have an art show with the Igloo Tornado coming up next month at Black Maria Gallery.

I have a lot of painting still to do.

I suffered my first ever art related injury the other night when a flimsy folding chair I was standing on decided to jump out from under me… I flipped through the air and found myself falling headfirst towards the concrete floor of my studio. I managed to save my pretty face by landing on my outstretched left hand, which jammed my arm straight into a part of my torso where it wasn’t meant to be, leaving me with a horribly sore back and shoulder… I’m lucky I didn’t break my arm or anything… Ironically I’m working on a painting of my main character all beaten and broken apart.

Moral of the story: when working on a 7 ft tall painting, don’t stand on a flimsy, plastic folding chair from Ikea.

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