Shifty Cheney Strikes Again

I watched NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday – the full hour of which was an interview with VP Cheney. I’ve never been a fan of this crochety, angry man or his distrustful mannerisms, and I was equally saddened and angered in watching NBC’s Russert try to dig him hard, but not pin him to the wall.

IMHO, the VP still breeds distrust, mistruths and deception about the configuration between Al-Qaeda, Sadaam Hussein, and the reason why our country is mired in the Iraq War, where, as of last count, 2,655 US soldiers have died. That’s nearly as many died on 9/11! Does anyone else find the sad irony of it all here?

Read the entire transcript of Sunday’s Meet the Press (though I’m not sure it conveys the glaring missteps of non-answers of questions posed).

Newsbusters carries a contrarian opinion, and the pro-Cheney kids weigh also in at Media Matters.

Me? I’m not too politically inclined, and I’ll let it go after this, but ya know, deep in the craw, it bugs me bad. And it should for you too.

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