Sommerloch ’06, Part 4

It’s election season again, with a mayoralty race both for the whole city and for each separate borough (Bezirk) thereof. This means that some of the most hideous faces in the entire country are peering down at us from lampposts, each assuring us of their deep commitment to the city and its future. The one word which everyone seems to be using is “konsequent,” which sent me to the dictionary, since there are loads of words in German that don’t mean what they’d seem to mean in English (my favorite being “Konkurrenz,” which means competition). Sure enough, it means “consistent.” Now I’m trying to see any race for any office in America being hyped by placards announcing the candidate’s “consistency” in so many words. And failing.

The other lesson these posters teach us is how Photoshop can be misused. The CDU candidate, in particular, needs a new art director. Or a new face.


I walked into a Butter Lindner shop the other day and had two shocks. The first was paying

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