Sonny And The Sovereigns –School Is Out

Sonny And The Sovereigns –School Is Out/Walm Jetz –Rare Earth C006-95809 (1974 German issue)

A minor entry which updates 1964 with the Glitter sound. It has a monster drum heavy production, but the corny melody (that owes a heavy debt to Lipstick On My Collar) definitely grates. The B side is more enjoyable as it’s an instrumental version. I especially like the mumbled humming that replicates the Glitter Band baritone sax sound. The label mentions that this is a “ British recording for Tamla Motown” and it’s co-produced by P. Anders. I was wondering if this could be Peter Anders who with Vinnie Poncia was behind The Tradewinds and tons of 60’s New York produced stuff. It would make sense sonically, but not sure on that one.

PS: On closer inspection of the cover photo; it looks likes the guy has sideburns and they seem to be turning grey…a bit unsettling that!

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