Springsteen – Seeger Sessions

“Keep Your Eyes on the Prize”

Bruce Springsteen’s new “We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions” release sounds great – it’s definitely music for the greater good.

– Get some flavor at Bruce’s website.
NPR has a good 11 minute overview with clips and analysis.
– Bruce kicks off his tour Sunday afternoon at this weekend’s Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans. That show WILL indeed be an absolute stormer.

In the CD liner notes, Bruce writes….. “It was a carnival ride, the sound of surprise and the pure joy of playing. Street corner music, parlor music, tavern music, wilderness music, circus music, church music, gutter music, it was all there waiting in those old songs, some more than one hundred years old. It rocked, it swung, it rolled. It was a way back and forward to the informality, the freeness and the eclecticism of my earliest music and then some.”

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