Stiffs at the Standard

Viva K rattles the posers during the Bauhaus tour party


Punk as fuck? Try punk as fornicate.

Well, it was the kickoff party for the new Bauhaus tour, after all, so one could scarcely expect outre animation from the audience gathered last Sunday afternoon (Oct. 2). So far, 2005 has been one long rattle and slosh of bones, hateful to contemplate; thus, this surprise reunion of the original lineup of Peter Murphy, David J, Kevin Haskins, and Daniel Ash has all the fine poetic fancy of four carrion crows tracing gorgeous arcs over a herd staggering with typhus. There are rumors of new music to come, and, last August, Ash released a live retrospective of remixes from his career with Bauhaus and Tones on Tail.

This Northampton, U.K., act invented the goth sound out of old horror-movie shtick, high-modernist pose, and a still-awesome ability to bend postpunk blare to serve a darkly languid aesthetic. The act’s 1979-83 run included “Bela Lugosi’s Dead

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