This cat GREG ASHLEY is talked about in some circles like he’s got this killer psychedelic band or something, when everyone else knows it’s just THE GRIS GRIS – so what’s the big deal, right? But that’s okay, because eight years ago when he was a tot, he & his Texas pals had a pretty ripping teenage punker band called THE STRATE COATS, very much in the ultra-energy Supercharger/Teengenerate vein so popular w/ the punks of the day. The 8 songs on this 33rpm single, which are all “unearthed” demos, maybe took some lessons from the aforementioned, but puked them back up in a most pleasing manner. Super reckless but yet still real real tight (the way you like it), and every song’s a sub-2 minute scorcher. “Swingin Strate Coat” in particular is a panicked instrumental R&B rave-up that would’ve made sense as both the show opener and the closing room-clearer. I think it’s outstanding, and a good signpost for the whole excellent EP. And get this – the cover has them taking a pretend pee-pee! And the drummer wore goofy white sunglasses – indoors! File this next to THE BRIDES and the MOTARDS and then get on the good foot.

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