Suicide Commandos

Before Husker Du….

Before The Replacements….

Minneapolis had the Suicide Commandos. (Click on the link to hear some MP3s of the band.)

The punk trio was led by Chris Osgood, a key figure in the 1970s-1980s Minneapolis punk scene (he gave Bob Mould some guitar lessons and later produced an early Soul Asylum LP). In July 1977, the Commandos opened at Kelly’s Pub, St. Paul, for punk pioneers The Ramones: “The crowd went berserk…[for] the Suicide Commandos. So much so that after their triumphant final set…people were hollering for the Commandos, even as The Ramones were mounting the stage. Lead guitarist Chris Osgood, in teen heaven having shared the bill with The Ramones and held his own, was heard to remark that he shoulda just killed himself on stage, ’cause life just doesn’t get any better.”

More here on the Suicide Commandos and their members.

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