SxSW Wrap

Picking up the pieces from all the great stories coming in from Austix, TX about SxSW.

The Go! Team at Stubb’s, (and playing tonight at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom)

Metro’s Amy Benfer and Seline Angier capture the frenzied fun.

Stereogum Scott has got lots of pics and some overview of the weekend.

– Today’s NY Times asks “Why would musicians travel halfway across the country, or halfway across the world, to play a 40-minute set through a mediocre sound system for a few dozen people glancing at their cellphones?” Answer? The right exposure.

– Learn more about Brit band Field Music via the AP’s Jake Coyle.

“One of the biggest problems with SXSW is that no matter what you’re seeing, you’re always certain that somebody, somewhere else, is witnessing something superior — and possibly even having one of those elusive, transformative live moments for which music lovers live. Oh, the existential dread!”
The Washington Post gets its licks in (via Largehearted Boy)

Chicago Tribune seeks out the Arctic Monkeys (reg. req’d)

UPDATE: USA Today’s Whitney Matheson had herself a fine time as well. And duh, I missed about Pitchfork’s SxSW coverage as well.

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