Terrific Tuesday

It’s a terrific Tuesday, and we’ve scoured the web to find a smattering of items for your eyes and ears to feast upon. Presented thuswith:

Morrissey wows ’em in Zagreb, Croatia.

Robert Pollard and the Ascended Masters wowed ’em in Athens, GA earlier this year.

– The Stains wows ’em with “Now & Then” over at Garage Hangover.

Some Action wows me with their new track “Live & Learn”.

– Touring bands should book shows in and around Des Moines – gas is only (!) $2.77/gal. in that region.

– Twenty-some years after it started surfacing on bootleg tapes, “The Wizard of Oz” mixed with the music of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” is now up on the web. Dig the coincidences, maaaaan… ((via Mundane Sounds)

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