The Ark

I’m looking forward to seeing the super-poppy glam rock of The Ark on Wednesday night
at Bowery Ballroom.

I’ve always been a supersucker for a bigglam rockshow, and this one has all the right ingredients – great vocals, anthemic songs, danceable rhythms, and very likely a hot Swede-looking audience! The Ark is touring the US on the strength of its third CD “State of The Ark” – You can hear
Check out song snippets here
or full songs at the band’s MySpace site. )

Popmatters writes about the band: “The state of The Ark in 2006 is a super-fun band that falls squarely within the Glam rock tradition. Like the accepted gods of glam music — David Bowie, T. Rex, and Queen — Salo understands that rock ‘n’ roll means that you’re something greater than yourself, a fabulous freaky projection from Mars.”

Check out their video for “Clamour for Glamour”. More info on the Ark at MetroTimes and LA Weekly.

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