The Initial Mistake Made By Ego Trip’s The (White) Rapper Show

Which my colleague David Dunlap Jr. tells me is a practice of most reality programs, but I was devastated to see the more “colorful” (ridiculous and insane) contestants booted from the show within the first ten minutes. That ten minutes, I must conclude, was a stretch of TV unlike anything I’ve seen as of late. For someone currently immersed in all aspects of Novelty Hip-Hop, my brain almost melted from my ears. Wow. Did anyone out there see this?

As for the rest of the show, it lapsed into your expected quarrels (that are obviously fed by producers/writers) and two or three of the male rappers are practically interchangeable. The punishment of the giant N-Word medallion albatross was briefly entertaining during the miniature golf scenes, as was the imposing goofball that claims to be “constantly drunk.” Nonetheless, I will most likely watch every episode. I have to.


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