The Least Timeless Genre (2006 Remix!!!)

Think about it. What has less cultural staying power than a Novelty Hip-Hop track? Ok, maybe a Le Tigre song, but Novelty Rap is up there with the best of the blink ?n? miss?ems. Part of the desire to write this piece stemmed from how completely irritating, humorless, and carpet-dumb a select breed of Serious Hip-Hop Scenester can be, and Underground Hip Hop as a whole needs the kryptonite of Novelty Rap. Again, like every single piece that I write, this is a cursory overview showcasing but a small example of an otherwise expansive genre. I like to keep myself open for sequels when I finally run out of good ideas. To note: I included leading ?Genre Contributions? for the more? entries.

Bobby Jimmy and the Critters

Rightfully regarded as the Weird Al of hip-hop, Bobby Jimmy (real name: Russ Parr) and the Critters followed many a late 80?s/early-90?s rap hit with a nasty rendering of painfully stoopid proportions. To prove my point, I have this handy parody + source table??.

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