The obligatory January 1, 2007 post

This is my obligatory New Year’s Day post – January 1, 2007. Congratulations, you made it another year. Now go look at yourself in the mirror. And ask the question “Do I like what I see”?

Happy New Year.

This blog was started sometime back in 2002-2003 as the APWRock Blog, chronicling the merriments of my love of rock and roll and my band Anthemic Pop Wonder. Once APW bit the dust in late 2004, so too did that blog, resurrecting itself in early ’05 as Waved Rumor (an anagram of my given name, btw), the secret daily outlet for undernourished rock ‘n roll worshipers.

And it was swept up in exciting new developments like RSS, SNAP previews, video embeds and more. And it continued to serve as a focus for my solo music material at MySpace and my 2006 rock and roll covers project.

But a New Year turns new loves and new leafs and new treats, I find my focus on music is not as strong as it once was. Increasingly, it takes big efforts for me to write about a rock and roll scene that I’m far removed from. My love of rock and roll is from another time, not this time.

I still love to write and record classic pop songs – in fact, I’ve got a fresh batch of 6-8 catchy songs written in recent months and looking to be recorded and posted soon – but my energies to stay current with my blog have dissipated in recent months. Even talk of a new blog project in recent weeks with several co-collaborators has failed to sincerely rouse my enthusiam.

If the mojo returns, it may be in a different form. But for now, I am going to lay low, read instead of write, listen instead of talk and work instead of play. The old saying – “He who is not a rebel at 20 has no heart, and he who is still a rebel at 40 has no head” – applies here.

Look over to the right column for links to way cooler blogs that this one. Hope you enjoyed the ride. Happy New Year.

(Ed. note – This blog contains the words “Happy New Year” to fulfill a contractural obligation.)

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