The Pixies

“How two shy, nerdy, University of Massachusetts roommates could hook up with a married secretary and a former Radio Shack employee to come up with something that sounded like surf-rock for stalkers is still a mystery. Like the Talking Heads, the Pixies were a band you could obsess over for years and still come away thinking, “yeah, but why did they sound like that, exactly?”

The Toronto Star reviews the paperback version of “Fool the World”, the oral history of the Pixies. (via MPR).

I’ve always been ambivalent on The Pixies – several reasons why, I think:
– one, I missed their ascent. I was in a different life space, and simply missed their growing coolness. It always helps to love a band when you catch them at their start.
– two, the band never heated up enough for me; their songs and music seems ‘cool’ to me. More style than substance, no emotional heat.

All that being said, I have Death to the Pixies, listen to it on occasion, but it doesn’t burn in my soul as it does for others I know. And I know their influence on Nirvana et al, so their place in indie rock music is assured. Just not in the upper echelon for this tin-eared suckfish me, I guess…:-)

Watch the classic Pixies sing “Monkey’s Gone to Heaven”.

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