The Prix/Nathan Asher

The Prix

Nathan Asher & The Infantry

photos by Dfactor – see more here.

Last week at this blog, I listened to new music from two different bands – Nathan Asher & the Infantry and The Prix. Liked ’em both, for different reasons.

I checked out both bands at Arlene’s Grocery last Thursday night, and enjoyed them a lot. Nathan Asher has this intense, storytelling, poetic Patti Smith kinda way with his anthemic songs – Listen to “Turn Up the Faders”, which won the band a songwriting award last year. Nathan himself brings a Strummer-like intensity to his singing, and his six-man band had a very full sound, rounded out nicely with two keyboardists Turner and Lawson lending a swirl of evocation to the affair.

Later on, The Prix rocked, with a semi-ragged, LA late 60s vibey rockin’ thing happening. It was their second show in NYC (they played the Delancey a few hours earlier). It didn’t hurt that keyboardist Blake wore a cool black ringmaster’s tophat (see pic above) and white coat emblazoned with Alice Cooper on the back – made me a fan right away! The guitarist’s Rickenbacker rang through cool and clean, and the band’s vocals were right on. Check out “Top Ten” and “All the Way that You Trip” at their MySpace page.

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