The Replacements box set

Word is bubbling at Paul Westerberg’s site (and elsewhere online) about a Replacements Box set and best-of CD (presumably from the Twin Tone years) surfacing this spring/summer on Rykodisk and Rhino.

At least one poster on the Westerberg message board wrote…..
“My wishlist would include a 4 cd box set of the whole catalog with b-sides like If Only…, 20th Century Boy, Temptation Eyes, etc. A DVD documentary with interviews and live footage. A full, all-out book by Peter Jesperson on his whole experience with the Mats.”

To that, I say – YES.

No word yet at the Rykodisk page on the Mats.

See the Replacements memorabilia page at the Minnesota Historical Society site.

In related titular news, here’s a press release for Bastards of Young, the “first-ever definitive DVD documentary and concert film chronicling the rise of the modern punk, emo and hardcore music scene.” Oh the spawn they begat.

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