There are only two great NEW albums released this …

There are only two great NEW albums released this year.

Sparks’ “Hello Young Lovers”

I’ve listened to this album at least four times a week since it’s release. For sure it made me a more balanced person. I have a better understanding what ‘life’ is and where it’s going. I listen to music all the time. And this album is number one. There is not one bad song on it. In fact I am amazed at its complex arrangements, beautiful melodies, its swing, its bounce, its gall to be the best album of the 21st Century.

Yes you are thinking, “TamTam Books has totally flipped.” Gone to the other side of the dark planet. But as I mentioned on this blog and elsewhere, if you have this album and you don’t like it – well, I don’t like you. It is simple as that. This is a great album. “Hello Young Lovers” is about life, pleasure and pain. You don’t like life, pleasure and pain?

Scott Walker’s “The Drift”

Unlike Sparks’ “Hello Young Lovers” this is an album about history and hell. In fact this album is hysterical (so is Sparks’ “Hello Young Lovers”) because it is so dark that humor is bound to come out. Scott Walker is a remarkable writer and probably one of the great poets who is writing music these days. Yes Dylan has his strong points on his latest album, but he’s coasting. Walker, at the same age, is pushing the music and lyrics forward and upward… or is it downward. Either way it’s going for the throat. This album doesn’t take no prisoners. Either bow down to its greatness or get out of the room.

I think this is a beautiful album full of beautiful stuff. In fact when I saw David Lynch outside Tower Records, I bought him this album. I think he should listen to it -and since I don’t know him, he may have thrown this CD outside his car window. I doubt he would do that. Nevertheless who ever picks up this album from the street will find wonders and desires that are intense. We live in a horror show now, and art has to be really strong.

The two albums here are strong and brave. Buy them and surrender to their greatness.

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