TIMES NEW VIKING, live 3/23/06,

TIMES NEW VIKING, live 3/23/06, Eagle Tavern, San Francisco CA……

If I wasn’t already calling this band one of my modern faves last year, I am now. Columbus’ TIMES NEW VIKING are out on their first US tour as we speak, & brought their jarring electro-spasm pop panic rock to one of San Francisco’s most popular “Bear” bars for a night of Thursday evening entertainment. I thought the set-up was great — female electronics/weirdly-tuned keyboard player out front, wildman singer/drummer way back, 9-foot-tall heroic guitarist feeding back & spazzing out off to the side. It was a set that was just long enough to satiate, short enough to inspire a sense of want, and good enough to make me want to hop in the van as a rock stowaway for a few nights. Times New Viking truly sound like no one else right now, but I reckon the closest I can come on evidence of the live act is ’76 MIKE REP & THE QUOTAS (easy pick I know) jamming with the PATTI SMITH GROUP and “Propeller”-era GUIDED BY VOICES, with an overlay of tape hiss and digital fuck-effects. Loved it. If you’re in Portland, Seattle or Minneapolis this week, you need to see this band – and be sure and ask them for a couple free cassettes, they’re fantastic & a hint of noise to come on their upcoming triple 45.

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