Tom Petty – 30 years of rockin’

Q: There was this incredibly appealing rawness to the first album.

TP: “It’s raw, it’s definitely raw. We didn’t want to over-produce it. We didn’t really know a lot about production. For one thing, there was a sort of bloated corporate rock at the time and people were putting out six-or seven-minute songs that just went on and on and I wanted to keep the songs nice short and concise, so you’ll notice the songs aren’t very long and that worked.”

Tom Petty celebrates 30 years of rockin’, and Billboard gives him the once-over….gently.

My favorite Tom Petty memory? A 1979 Chicago Aragon Ballroom live show on the Damn the Torpedos tour, when TP was rising up the charts with that LP. Support for that show came from Elvis Costello & the Attractions and Mink Deville.

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