Tommy & Bobby

PopMatters interviews Tommy Keene and talks about his collaboration (both on tour and upcoming CD) with Robert Pollard..

How did you hook up with Robert Pollard in the first place?
I first heard Bee Thousand in ’94 and I loved it. A few years ago, a writer friend of mine was interviewing Bob and brought my name up. I think he had just done that record with Mac McCaughan from Superchunk.

Go Back Snowball.
Right. So my friend was interviewing Bob and he’d mentioned that he liked my music. My friend asked, “Would you like to work with him?” And Bob said “Yeah, I would.” So I contacted him, sent him a bunch of demos, and opened for GBV in San Francisco and LA. A little while after that he called me and said, “Wait a minute, I’m breaking up GBV and I’ve got to put this on hiatus.” And he wanted to work on his solo album, which turned out to be From A Compound Eye, which just came out. I said all right, but then I hit him up for more GBV dates. And on that tour I went up to him in SF and said, “I don’t want to steal someone else’s gig, but if you need a guitarist for your next tour, I’d love to do it.” He said, “Can you do it? That sounds great!” Over all this time I gave him 28 songs, and for the record he pared it down to 12. It’s been a very fruitful collaboration so far.

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